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Jairo Orozco and Bryan Rojo were always close growing up as cousins in a large Mexican-American family, and some of their favorite memories were laughing and entertaining each other. When social media started becoming mainstream, Jairo joined a few sites and started making original content on Vine. Once Instagram introduced longer videos, Jairo knew what he wanted to do – combine his love for acting, storytelling, laughing, and Latino culture into a page to entertain others.   Jairo launched Mexicangueys in 2012 and eventually enlisted the help of Bryan. Now at over half a million followers, Jairo, Bryan, and a recurring cast of characters (including “Braulio” and “Compa Alexandro”) continue to create hilarious videos and cartoon voiceovers. Jairo and Bryan’s style is quite similar due to their upbringing and they use their Mexican roots to create relatable comedy. However, they use their individuality to bring a unique voice and style, and balance each other out.