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Burson Latino, Burson-Marsteller’s Latino communications practice, leverages Burson-Marsteller’s experts, their experience and digital communications tools to help clients connect and engage with the dynamic and fast-growing U.S. Hispanic population. We are here to help our clients understand their Latino stakeholders and their behavioral differences in a way that goes beyond a simple translation of messages. Our evidence-based approach provides our team with a deep understanding of the Hispanic market, its stakeholders, the media, the digital community and the influencer spectrum, which enables us to help clients connect with Hispanic audiences. Through StudioB, Burson-Marsteller’s approach to integrated, data-driven content creation and distribution, our team transforms data patterns into insights that shape content creation and channel engagement programs, all while constantly monitoring, adjusting and updating using real-time data as the program unfolds. Our Hispanic communications offering is built on four specialty areas: Hispanic Millennial Connections, Digital Analytics, Strategic Brand Communications, and Corporate Communications and Citizenship. For more information, please visit